Krista Kennedy, a brunette woman wearing glasses and a green scarf, stands in a sheep field in Old Chatham, NY with autumn foliage in the background.
Old Chatham, NY, 2013

Krista Kennedy is Associate Professor of Writing & Rhetoric at Syracuse University. Her work focuses on the ways that humans work with and alongside technologies to produce communication. She is also interested in the narratives we tell about our relationships with machinery and creative work.

Her new book, Textual Curation: Authorship, Agency, and Technology in Wikipedia and the Chambers’ Cyclopædia, is published by the University of South Carolina Press. (Available from Amazon US and UK as well as from Powell’s, Barnes & Noble, Eurospan, and other vendors.) Textual Curation examines the compositional work performed by writers working within strict genre conventions that do not place a premium on originality, and the ways that this work is shaped by discourse, communities, and technologies. In the process, Kennedy explores long-held notions of authorial agency and autonomy, establishing the continuity of new writing projects such as wikis with longstanding composing practices such as metadata, deep linking, and information management. All of her published essays are available for download on the Research page.

Originally from North Little Rock, Arkansas, Kennedy received her B.A.s and M.A. from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. Since 2009, she has been a faculty member of the SU Department of Writing Studies, Rhetoric, & Composition, where she is currently Director of the Writing Major and Minor.

In her spare time, she makes photographs in the social documentary tradition. Her photographic work has appeared in diverse digital and print publications from The Atlantic, The London Evening Standard, National Public Radio, Log Home Living, Simon & Schuster, W.W. Norton, McGraw Hill, and MINES ParisTech, among other venues.

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