Krista Kennedy

I’m Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric at Syracuse University, where I am a core faculty member in the Writing Program and the Composition & Cultural Rhetoric Doctoral Program. I teach and study rhetoric of technology with a focus on digital rhetoric and machine rhetoric, rhetorical theory, authorship, intellectual property theory, and technical & professional communication.

My current research projects explore rhetorical agency as it is performed in the process of composing texts that we culturally understand as unoriginal: encyclopedias, robot-written articles, and aggregated data. I also examine the ways that the material realities of print and digital production shape these writing processes. I’m currently wrapping up a book project entitled Textual Curation: Authorial Agency in Wikipedia and the Chambers’ Cyclopaedia that features a historical comparative study of articulated agency in these encyclopedias. Other work from this study has appeared in College English, Le Monde Maçonnique des Lumiéres (Europe-Amériques et Colonies), and The Responsibilities of Rhetoric.

I teach a variety of courses, including content strategy, information design, usability, and digital writing. I’m pleased to have received teaching awards from both of my previous institutions for innovative teaching with technology and for teaching excellence. Since joining the Writing Program faculty in 2009, I’ve been instrumental in our successful efforts to revise the core of the Writing Major as well as our core offering in Professional Writing and our undergraduate curriculum in Professional and Technical Writing. With Bradford Vivian, I founded and co-advise the Rhetoric Society of America @SU chapter.

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