Doctoral Dissertation Committees

Michael J. Frasciello. “Embedded Technical Communication Instruction: Understanding High-Context Writing in a Pre-Professional Engineering Program.” 2015.

Jordan Canzonetta. in progress
Jason Markins. in progress

Core Committee Member:
Seth Long. “Visualizing Words and Knowledge: Arts of Memory from the Agora to the Computer.” 2015, passed with distinction.

  • Winner of the 2015 American Society for the History of Rhetoric Dissertation Award

Justin Lewis. “The Piratical Ethos: Textual Activity and Intellectual Property in Digital Environments.” 2013.

Christine Geyer. “(re)Constructing a Landmark: A Rhetorical Analysis of Brown v. Board of Education At Fifty.” 2013.

Lindsey Banister. “Sporting Bodies: The Rhetorics of Professional Female Athletes.” 2017.

Avi Luce. “Exploring ‘Gezi ruhu’ Activism: Seriality and the Rhetorical Study of 21st Century Protest.” 2017.

W. Kurt Stavenhagen. “Whose Honey, Whose Hive?: Genre and Rhetorical Agency in the US Colony Collapse Disorder.” 2015.

Madeline Dahlke Yonker. “The Rhetoric of Mom Blogs: A Study of Mothering Made Public.” 2011.

Doctoral Exams Committees

Jason Markins. 2017.
Jordan Canzonetta. 2017, passed with distinction.
Michael J. Frasciello. 2012.
Justin Lewis. 2011, passed with distinction.

C.C. Hendricks. 2017, passed with distinction.
Geghard Arakelian. 2016.
Seth Long. 2014.
Rachael Shapiro Duchano. 2012.
A.V. Luce. 2011.

Brett Keegan. in progress
Jana Rosinski. in progress

Masters Thesis Committees

Laura McGrath, LLL. “Style and Social Grace: Characteristic and Grammatical Analysis of Mobile Communication.” 2012.

Mentor, Future Professoriate Program

Vincent Portillo. 2017-present.
Romeo Garcia. 2015-2017.
Tessa Brown. 2014-2015.
Jason Luther. 2013-2014.
A.V. Luce. 2011-2012.
Justin Lewis. 2010-2012.
Laura J. Davies. 2009-2011.

Undergraduate Internship Sponsor

Le Sac
New York Public Interest Research Group
Open Stage Media
Q Center Intern at AIDS Community Resources

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