Kennedy, Krista. Textual Curation: Authorship, Agency, and Technology in Wikipedia and the Chambers’ Cyclopædia. Columbia, S.C.: University of South Carolina Press, 2016.

Edited Collection

Howard, Rebecca Moore, and Krista Kennedy. College English 75.5 (May 2013): Special Issue on Western Cultures of Intellectual Property. 461-550.

Articles, Chapters, and Papers

with Noah Wilson. “Pervasive Surveillance as Aggression in Medical Wearables.” In progress.

Kennedy, Krista. “On Archival Work in Digital Communication.” In progress.

Kennedy, Krista. “The Anxiety of Automation: Attending to the Deep History of Automated Entities.” Invited for inaugural forum, Explorations in Media Ecology 16(2-3), 2017. 259-262.

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  • This collection received the 2016 Computers & Composition Distinguished Book Award.

Kennedy, Krista and Rebecca Moore Howard. Collaborative Pedagogy, Print to Digital. A Guide To Composition Pedagogies, 2nd edition. Eds. Gary Tate, Amy Rupiper Taggart, Kurt Schick, and H. Brooke Hessler. New York: Oxford University Press, 2013. 37-54.

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Conference Proceedings

T. R. Amidon, L. Arduser, C. Gouge, L. Hutchinson, J. Jones, N. Jones, K. Kennedy, T. Lipsey, K. Moore, M. Novotny, and C. A. Welhausen. Examining Usability in the Communication Design of Health Wearables. Extended abstract. Proceedings of ACM SIGDOC Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Aug. 2017 (SIGDOC’17), 2 pages. 2017.

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Kennedy, Krista. “Methodological Issues Relevant to the Study of Authorship in Wikipedia.” Conference Proceedings of New Research for New Media 2005: New Media Research @ UMN. September 2005. 63-68.


Gurak, Laura, Gretchen Haas, Laurie Johnson, Krista Kennedy, and Jessica Reyman. Copyright, Ownership, and Digital Media: A Trilogy. Reviews of Lessig, Lawrence, Free Culture (Penguin Press, 2004); Fisher, William, Promises to Keep (Stanford UP, 2004); and Vaidhyanathan, Siva, The Anarchist in the Library (Basic Books, 2004). Reviewed in Minnesota Journal of Law, Science and Technology. May 2005.  687-708.

Archival Work

Berger Hearing Aid Museum and Archive, Kent State University
Bernard Becker Medical Library Archives, Washington University
Bodleian Library
The British Library
James Ford Bell Collection, University of Minnesota
The Library and Museum of Freemasonry, United Grand Lodge of England, London
New College, Oxford University
Wisconsin Historical Society Archives, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Feasibility Studies and Reports

Kennedy, Krista, Carol Faulkner, Kevan Edwards, Mathew Maye, Kandice Salomone, Naomi Shanguhyia, and Jeremy Sloane. Educational Excellence Subcommittee Strategic Planning Recommendation Report. College of Arts & Sciences, Syracuse University. 2017. 25 pages.

Kennedy, Krista, George Rhinehart and Michael Frasciello. Proposed Creation of a Certificate of Advanced Study in Professional and Technical Writing. Final Report. The Writing Program, Syracuse University. 2012. 15 pages.

Nonfiction & Journalism

More than 20 publications in Quills and Pixels (2002-2005), The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (2002), UALR Forum (2001), Active Years Magazine (1994-2002), Arkansas Catholic Newsweekly (1993-1994), and Arkansas Women’s Journal (1993-1995).

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