Kennedy teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in rhetorics of technology, digital writing, content management, information design, authorship studies, and technical writing. For nearly a decade, she has coordinated curriculum development for the Department of Writing Studies, Rhetoric, & Composition’s core offering in Professional Writing (WRT 307), which serves more than 1000 students each year. In 2003, she and Charles Anderson were awarded the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Teaching with Technology Award and in 2007, she received the James I. Brown Teaching Excellence Award from the UMN Department of Rhetoric, Scientific, and Technical Communication.

Graduate Seminars

CCR 633: Textual Machinery and Rhetorical Agency, Ancient to Digital
CCR 711: Rhetorics of Craft
CCR 747: Authorship Studies
CCR 760: Technical Communication in the Digital Age

WRT 495/496: Senior Research Seminar I/II

Professional & Technical Writing Courses

WRT 307: Professional Writing (online)
WRT 417/617: Technical Documentation and Usability (hybrid)
WRT 427/627: Emerging Technologies in Professional & Technical Writing (hybrid)
WRT 437/637: Information Design (hybrid)

Digital Rhetorics Courses

WRT 302: Digital Writing
WRT 425: Digital Identities (hybrid)
WRT 426: Rhetoric and Robots
CAS 101: First Year Forum: Rhetoric and Robots

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